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Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) governs almost 2800 Universities, 49 Research Institutions , and 39 Science & Technology Parks and 175 Incubators‌. Considering the national, regional and international goals, interests, policies and ambitions, MSRT is seeking sustainable development for mankind welfare, peace and prosperity in the country and across the world. For the latter, we are looking for partners around the globe to establish scientific relations and to provide a ground for private and public sectors to further bloom in economic ventures.

Following above routes, we have seek to tie knots with Italy as one of the leading European Science, Research and Innovation countries in order to bring our scientist and entrepreneurs around a Table called the 1st Iran-Italy Forum. This 2-day event is going to be hosted by MSRT and to be held in Abu Reyhan International Conference Center at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran on 19th and 20th of April 2017.


وزارت علوم


In this Forum, MSRT hand in hand with Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR) look to provide a ground for internationalization of both Iranian and Italian companies through innovation, scientific and technological activities towards a sustainable economy. In this frame, the two parties would like to share their experiences in managing the Incubators and railing down the path for startup companies. Moreover and through The Forum venue, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) may find interested foreign investors via B2B sessions, and learn the alphabetic of how to become an international company in future. The Forum provides further academic exchanges via B2R and R2R sessions between Research Institutes and Universities of the two countries. Through which not only ideas will be shared, but also common projects will be defined that expedites conquering the science and technology borders together. Altogether and aside from the specific aim of The 1st Iran-Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Forum, we expect that the event promote cultural exchanges and generate higher degrees of compassion between the two nations.

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Institutional Session

Institutional Session at the presence of the Italian Minister for Education, Universities and Research Valeria Fedeli and the Iranian Minister for Science, Resaearch and Technology Mohammad Farhadi

Thematic seminars on priority topics

  • Special Session: Innovation strategies, start-up policies and internationalization
  • Seminar1: Healthcare technologies, Biotechnology and Biomedicine
  • Seminar 2: Agrifood
  • Seminar 3: Next generation ICTs
  • Seminar 4: Environment monitoring
  • Seminar 5. Sustainable building and risk mitigation
  • Seminar 6: Energy
  • Seminar 7: Archaeology and technologies for cultural heritage

one-TO-one meetings

one-TO-one meetings : separate meetings of maximally 30 minutes (the list of registered Iranian organizations is published on the forum website)


Roundatble 1: Education and academic exchanges

Rountable2: Training the in the Health Sector (under finalization)


Technology exhibition where some Iranian organizations will present their S&T achievements/Fablab demonstrations

Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute

Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute-Shahid Beheshti University- the idea for the establishment of a Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute in Shahid Beheshti University was first suggested in 1993. The project “UC/IRA/95/161/11-51 production of pharmaceutical materials from medicinal and aromatic plants” was funded in accordance with an agreement between the government of Islamic Republic of Iran and United

One to One meetings

Eligible applicants include enterprises and all the public and private organizations (research centers, universities, companies and startups, innovative districts, enterprise-research clusters, science and technology parks, trade associations, etc.) located in Iran, operating in product, process innovation or in the scientific and technological research, and that are interested in dealing with potential customers or partners of Italy.

You can download the list of scheduled One to One meetings through the following link:

Aerospace    Agrifood     CleanTech&Envirnment       Education and training    Energy    Green chemistry     Smart cities &Next Generation      Sustainable Mobility    Tourism&CulturalHerritage        Health and life science

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